We are happy to announce that TITO ON ICE won the prize for BEST FEATURE FILM 2014  at BeThere! Corfu Animation Festival!

“In the feature competitive section, the film Tito on Ice by Max Andersson and  Helena Ahonen (Sweden/Germany, 2013), a road movie to ex-Yugoslavia and Titio via animation won the best feature film, for its “good combination of real images, animation and comics, a light commentary on hard history, and the creative eye of the director between reaity and fiction, the good combination of humour and emotion””.

2 x Poland in July

TITO ON ICE is making a mini-tour of Poland this month: Sopot International Film Festival will premiere the film, including a presentation and Q&A with Max Andersson. Only a few days later, a midnight screening will follow at ANIMATOR Festival in Poznan.

Sopot Film Festival:

  • 14 July 17:00 at Scena Kameralna Teatru Wybreže (Polish premiere)
  • 15 July 19:15 at Państwowa Galeria Sztuki

ANIMATOR Festival:

  • 16 July 23:30 at Festival Club

Tito in Tokyo

The brand-new Japanese animation festival GEORAMA, launched this year with a “zero edition” in Tokyo, Yamaguchi and Kobe, will include TITO ON ICE in its feature film section.


Belgrade (official) premiere

It is an honor for us to announce that the 61st Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival will present TITO ON ICE in Dom Omladine on 3 April at 21.00, a very special occasion since this is also one of the locations where the movie was shot in 2003 and 2004.

Although this will be the premiere of the official version, Belgrade was actually the scene of the very first public preview of the rough cut of the film, a legendary work-in-progress presentation which took place jointly in Belgrade’s Cinema Rex and in the club Elektrika in Pancevo in 2010, arranged by the NOVO DOBA festival of non-aligned comics.