waste world

More than fifty different sets populated by countless characters, animals, vehicles and props were built for the stop motion segments of TITO ON ICE. The raw material for this monumental creation was exclusively garbage. Discarded packages, cigarettes (used), toilet paper (not used), and broken household appliances all became part of the foundation of a world that seems simultaneously intimate and alien to the spectator.

The idea first emerged during Tito’s visit to Paris in 2005, as his traveling companions found themselves bored between official appearances of the Mummy Marshal. Prompted by Helena Ahonen to use whatever objects or pieces of trash that were at hand, they would manufacture little bombed-out buildings, paper people and war machinery for their own amusement (and for the neighbouring tables in the various Paris bars where the action unfolded).

This eventually evolved into the vast junk universe that now fills approximately over one third of the movie. While the bulk of the scenery was created by Max Andersson with a substantial contribution by Lars Sjunnesson, guest appearances by other artists can occasionally be traced in the mix – e. g. some prison island extras and an impressive factory in Belgrade with the sign “GRISFETT” (Pig’s Fat) in cyrillic.


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