Tito on Ice will be celebrating its international premiere at the 17th International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia (ANIMAC). The event is organized in the city of Lleida between 28 February and 3 March. The film will be presented in the section A TRAVÉS DE LA REALITAT (THROUGH REALITY), along with recent films and classics of the genre such as Alois Nebel, Crulic, Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir.

Max Andersson will personally present the film in the auditorium La Llotja Ricard Viñes on Saturday 2 March.

Screening times:

  • 28 February 17.30 at CaixaForum
  • 2 March 17.30 at La Llotja Ricard Viñes

“For years, animation has been wrongly considered to be a technique that is too artificial for non-fiction. Nevertheless, the growing production of animated pieces that offer a glimpse of reality once again poses the question of the representation of ‘objectivity’.”
– from the official program, Animac’13

Animac 13 Promo web from Animac on Vimeo.


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