Close Encounters of the Animated Kind

TITO ON ICE can soon be sighted again in the USA at Close Encounters of the Animated Kind, a new festival celebrating contemporary animated film presented by the Denver Film Society (also organizing the famous Starz Denver Film Festival since more than three decades).

The screening will take place at Sie FilmCenter 16:00 on Saturday the 10th of August 2013.

Countryside Animafest Cyprus

We can’t even keep up updating, a few hours after coming home from the film festival in Palic, Max is off to Cyprus… where he will be in the jury of Countryside Animafest Cyprus and show TITO ON ICE. He will also have an exhibition of selected artworks.

Exhibition at Hambis Printmaking Museum 17:00 h on Saturday the 20th of July 2013.

Masterclass 12:30 – 13:30 h at Columbia Hotel and Resorts on Saturday the 20th of July 2013 «Comic Book Art: The Genesis of Sick Ideas» by Max Andersson,
Comic Book Artist / Filmmaker (

Filmscreening of TITO ON ICE at Columbia Hotel and Resorts, 14:00 – 15:20 h on Saturday the 20th of July 2013.

You can find the program of the festival here!

European Film Festival Palić

Today the European Film Festival Palić in Serbia opened. They celebrate 20 years, and has become an important festival not only in the region.

TITO ON ICE will be screened on Tuesday 16th of July, at 21.30, in the “young spirit of Europe” section. Screening location: Grand Terrace Palić.

The directors Max Andersson and Helena Ahonen will be present!