We are happy to announce that TITO ON ICE won the prize for BEST FEATURE FILM 2014  at BeThere! Corfu Animation Festival!

“In the feature competitive section, the film Tito on Ice by Max Andersson and  Helena Ahonen (Sweden/Germany, 2013), a road movie to ex-Yugoslavia and Titio via animation won the best feature film, for its “good combination of real images, animation and comics, a light commentary on hard history, and the creative eye of the director between reaity and fiction, the good combination of humour and emotion””.

Be There! Corfu, Greece

Tito is back in Greece, in competition at the BeThere! animation festival in Corfu! Screening on Friday 17th of October 2014, 22:00 at Polytechno.

 Ο παγωμένος Τίτο / Tito on Ice – Προβολή στο Πολύτεχνο – Παρασκευή 17 Οκτώβρη 2014 – Κέρκυρα