Tito on Ice released on VoD

Tito on Ice is available for streaming or download online on these VoD sites:


Easterndaze x Berlin with Tito bonus

TITO ON ICE will wrap up the Berlin edition of the independent art and music festival Easterndaze as the “late show bonus track” part of a double feature presentation with the spanish documentary BEOGRAD UNDERGROUND, which focuses on the extraordinarily rich subcultural scene in Serbia, especially Belgrade and Pančevo, during the late ’90s to early ’00s. By chance, some of the protagonists of the latter movie also make appearances in, or contributed to the soundtrack of TITO ON ICE.

Beograd Underground will be screened on 9 October at 20:00 in Lichtblick-Kino, followed by Tito on Ice (original version with English subtitles) at 22:00. Max Andersson and Helena Ahonen will be present for a Q&A. The event also celebrates the official VoD release of Tito on Ice on Realeyz!

Kinostart Berlin


Berliner Premiere: Marschall Tito im Lichtblick-Kino

Ab dem 21. April 2016 läuft TITO ON ICE (OmU) in verschiedenen Berliner Kinos (alle Termine werden beim anklicken angezeigt).

Die Filmemacher Max Andersson und Helena Ahonen werden bei einzelnen Vorführungen anwesend sein:

Berlin: Sa 23.04. 20:30 Uhr Lichtblick-Kino
Berlin: So 24.04. 20:30 Uhr Kino Moviemento
Berlin: Do 28.04. 20:45 Uhr Kino Krokodil

Bundesweit startet er im Rahmen des ComicFilmFestes beim Internationalen Comicsalon Erlangen (26.-29.5).

Exhibition Neurotitan Berlin

Some of the sets from TITO ON ICE will be on display in the exhibition ENDENEU at gallery Neurotitan in Berlin until 3 January 2015. The show also includes original drawings and paintings by Max Andersson, Vins Grosso, Fabio Giampietro, Alberto Ponticelli and Paola Verde.

As a special event and part of the exhibition, the Berlin premiere of TITO ON ICE will take place on 17 December 20:00 at Kino Central (next to the gallery, Rosenthaler Str. 39 in Berlin-Mitte).