Review (Lebanon)

Extensive review of Tito on Ice in Lebanon’s leading English-language newspaper, following the screening at Beirut Animated in October 2015.




Exhibition Neurotitan Berlin

Some of the sets from TITO ON ICE will be on display in the exhibition ENDENEU at gallery Neurotitan in Berlin until 3 January 2015. The show also includes original drawings and paintings by Max Andersson, Vins Grosso, Fabio Giampietro, Alberto Ponticelli and Paola Verde.

As a special event and part of the exhibition, the Berlin premiere of TITO ON ICE will take place on 17 December 20:00 at Kino Central (next to the gallery, Rosenthaler Str. 39 in Berlin-Mitte).


Istanbul screenings

The 1001 Documentary Film Festival in Istanbul has selected TITO ON ICE for its upcoming 17th edition (1 -7 December). The film will be shown on three occasions in different venues:

  • 2 December 17:00 at Sahne Beşiktaş
  • 3 December 13:00 at Aynalı Geçit
  • 5 December 13:00 at Nazım Hikmet Kültür Merkezi

Director Max Andersson will be present at the screening on 2 December for a Q&A with the audience.



We are happy to announce that TITO ON ICE won the prize for BEST FEATURE FILM 2014  at BeThere! Corfu Animation Festival!

“In the feature competitive section, the film Tito on Ice by Max Andersson and  Helena Ahonen (Sweden/Germany, 2013), a road movie to ex-Yugoslavia and Titio via animation won the best feature film, for its “good combination of real images, animation and comics, a light commentary on hard history, and the creative eye of the director between reaity and fiction, the good combination of humour and emotion””.