TITO ON ICE in Austria

TITO ON ICE is scheduled for two exceptional events in Austria in March:

Tricky Women International Animation Filmfestival will host the Austrian premiere in Vienna. The screenings in Vienna will be presented by director Helena Ahonen, followed by Q&A sessions with the audience.

  • 15 March 22:45 at English Cinema Haydn
  • 16 March 15:50 at English Cinema Haydn, Saal D

On the following Friday, NEXTCOMIC festival in Linz presents a comics exhibition by Max Andersson in the presence of the artist, plus a special screening of TITO ON ICE in conjunction with the opening. On Sunday 23 March, Max will sign his comics BOSNIAN FLAT DOG and CONTAINER from 13.00 – 14.00 at the Ursulinensaal, OÖ Kulturquartier.

  • 21 March 21:30 at KAPU

Vancouver International Film Festival

Following the Canadian Premiere in the capital Ottawa, TITO ON ICE will travel to meet the west coast audiences at Vancouver International Film Festival.

Three screenings are scheduled within the Arts and Letters section:

“Embarking on a barnstorming tour of the former Yugoslavia, graphic novelists Max Andersson and Lars Sjunneson (Bosnian Flat Dog) cart along a macabre papier-mâché “mummy” of Marshal Josip Broz Tito encased in a refrigerator. At border crossings, intimidating guards are reduced to giddy fans, clambering for photos with the late dictator’s effigy. Subsequent stops prove stranger still: artisans incorporate the shells that destroyed their cities into their handicrafts… a makeshift gallery of illustrations is found on the walls of a decimated apartment block… a collector has amassed a menagerie of “mutant” Mickey Mouse figurines originating from former communist countries…

Only heightening their journey’s surreal nature are the astonishing stop-motion animation sequences conceived by Andersson (who shares directing credit with Helena Ahonen). Dramatically shot in 8mm and featuring dozens of sets handcrafted from refuse, these fantastical interludes offer a cracked-mirror reflection of a real world in which recognizable borders—on both maps and in art—have fallen. Furthermore, they pay tribute to the scrappy DIY spirit that inspires individuals to pull themselves from the wreckage and strive to create spaces for art to happen, simply because it’s something that needs to happen. Guided by a propulsive soundtrack of Balkan new wave and punk, Tito on Ice is a freewheeling exploration of the enduring power of icons and the importance of identity, be it national or personal.

(VIFF review of Tito on Ice)

Seattle International Film Festival


Next stop on TITO ON ICE’s tour around the globe will be the 39th Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), the largest and most highly attended film festival in the United States.
A very appropriate setting for the North American premiere, since Seattle also happens to be the home of Fantagraphics Books – publisher of BOSNIAN FLAT DOG, the graphic novel which is a central theme of the movie.
Max Andersson will be attending the screenings which are scheduled at the following times:

a short background

lucky strike_mod3

1980  Marshal Josip Broz Tito dies after leading Socialist Yugoslavia since its creation in 1945.

1990  Max Andersson is presented with the grant “1 kilometer of film” by the recently founded Stockholm Film Festival. In order to get as many recording minutes as possible, he requests 1 kilometer of Super 8mm film.

1991  Suddenly war breaks out in Yugoslavia. Marshal Tito is rediscovered, mummyfied in an old refrigerator in Ljubljana. Subsequently the Swedish economy crashes and national film funding is cut down. Max Andersson decides to pursue a career in comics.

1999  Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson are invited to ex-Yugoslavia for a comics convention. Suddenly NATO attacks Serbia. Following events result in the graphic novel BOSNIAN FLAT DOG.

2003  Andersson and Sjunnesson are invited to ex-Yugoslavia for a tour presenting their book with the mummy of Tito in a refrigerator. Suddenly someone attacks Iraq.

2006  Max Andersson begins editing the documentary footage shot by Helena Ahonen during the tour.

2008  The world economy crashes. Max Andersson rediscovers the frozen Super 8 film in his refrigerator and decides to use it to complete the movie.

2012  TITO ON ICE is finished. Suddenly war breaks out in Syria.